DOCTOR (Display of Objects Circulating in Terrestrial Orbits):


DOCTOR is a visualization software for objects in Earth orbits. It is used mainly for coarse analysis of generated object populations, for teaching and presentation.  It also serves as a testing environment for modern programming techniques such as parallelizing the computation of physical models on graphics processing units (“GPU computing”). The software offers a three-dimensional, interactive, animated view of the Earth and an object population that can be loaded from POEM’s output data, or randomly generated. Further information about catalogued objects can be obtained from the Satellite Situation Report (SSR) and displayed along the corresponding object. The viewport can be freely adjusted to different angles and different simulation speeds. Every single object can be selected to view detailed information about object type, orbit parameters, ground track, catalog information, etc. Extensive filtering functions enable users to restrict the visible population to certain object types, orbit types, countries of origin, etc. Images and video material can be generated from the scene. With modern graphics hardware the software is able to fluently animate millions of objects at the same time. The functionality of the software can be extended via plugin and scripting interfaces. With their help, users can, for example, add propagation algorithms more suitable for their requirements or generate scripted video sequences.