The transfer project MiRel (Mission Reliability) aims the development of methods for the efficient analysis and improvement of the mission reliability of unmanned space systems. Based on methods of reliability analysis, such as those used in the development of commercial aircraft in modern aviation industry, adapted, innovative methods are being developed to address the specific requirements of unmanned space missions. The main objectives are to ensure a maximum of reliability over the whole duration of a space mission by efficient methods and analysis procedures in the system development process and to strengthen the competitiveness of the German space industry sustainably.

The project is divided into the following subtasks:

  • Representation of the state of the art in analyzing the operation reliability in modern aviation
  • Identification of the specific requirements of unmanned space missions
  • Development of methods for analyzing and improving the reliability of space missions
  • Implementation of space-specific methods in the analysis tool SyRelAn (System Reliability Analysis) of SAREL Consult GmbH