Project Description:

PROOF-2009 (Program for Radar and Optical Observation Forecasting) was developed at the Institute of Space Systems as PRIME on behalf of ESA (European Space Agency). Both, the development of MASTER 2009 and  PROOF-2009 was supported by EADS Astrium Satellites.



Using PROOF-2009, observations of space debris can be compared by means of ground-based or space-based radars or telescopes and different models for the space debris environment. Therefore, it is possible to detect deficits and inconsistencies of the different models and to continuously identify improvement capabilities.

PROOF-2009 allows multi-parametric simulation of ground- and space-based radar sensors and telescopes. This allows for modelling a variety of sensors that detect space debris. The functionality of PROOF-2009 also allows for a design of instruments that perform space debris observations. During ESA‘s project ROGER, which was completed successfully by the Institute of Space Systems, such a design study was carried out.