Lunar Exploration Lab

In-Space Resource Utilization (ISRU), such as processing the regolith of the lunar surface, enables substantial reductions of transport costs and a more flexible expansion of infrastructures on other planetary bodies without supply from Earth. To develop regarding processes and technologies, such as methods for additive manufacturing of structures from local mineral raw materials and for utilization of other resources, such as metals and water, IRAS has established the Lunar Exploration Lab. This facility has the following capabilities:

  • Processing an characterization of Lunar Regolith Simulants
  • Sample manufacturing and characterization
  • Sinter- and melting furnace for high temperatures
  • Testing and simulation area for interaction between lunar surface and rovers   


Lunar Regolith Simulant

Sinter samples made from Regolith Simulant

“Moon Bricks” made from Regolith Simulant